Product Information for Vegetables


1. Resistances 1.2. Definitions


Neither subject to attack by a certain pest nor infection by a certain pathogen.



The ability of a plant type to limit the growth and development of a certain pest or pathogen and/or the damage caused in comparison with susceptible plant types under comparable environmental conditions and pest and pathogen pressure. Under high pest and pathogen pressure, resistant varieties may exhibit some disease symptoms or damage.


Two resistance degrees are defined:


High/standard resistance (HR):

Plant types that highly limit the growth and development of a certain pest or pathogen under normal pest or pathogen pressure in comparison with susceptible plant types. These plant types, however, may exhibit some symptoms or damage under high pest and pathogen pressure.


Moderate/intermediate resistance (IR):

Plant types that limit the growth and development of a certain pest or pathogen, but may exhibit more symptoms or damage in comparison with resistant varieties. Moderate/intermediate resistant varieties will still have less serious symptoms or damages that susceptible plant types when grown under comparable environmental conditions and/or pest and pathogen pressure.



The susceptibly of a plant type is the inability of it to limit the growth and development of a certain pest or pathogen.


1.3. Variety Resistance Information

The resistances of our breedings are coded if they have not been noted elsewhere.


For varieties with resistances to more than one pathogen, resistance codes are separated by "/". If a resistance code refers to a particular disease strain, there is no protection against another strain of this pathogen. If the resistance indication does not refer to a certain strain of a pathogen but to uncertain, non-specified strains, it cannot be guaranteed that the respective variety could nevertheless be infected by the stated pathogen.


The resistances indicated in the catalogue are based on current knowledge at the time of printing. A breaking of resistances by the respective pest, however, cannot be excluded.





No responsibility is taken for any form of information provided by Volmary. Descriptions, recommendations and illustrations are based as far as possible on practical experience and tests. Volmary is not liable in any case for deviating results concerning cultivated products. The seller must decide for himself/herself if the goods and the information are suitable for local cultivation.


1.1. Terminology

There are different degrees of specification for pests or pathogens in their relationship to plants. The determination of this specification usually requires highly sophisticated analysis techniques. The answer to the question whether a plant can be affected by a pest or pathogen perhaps depends on the applied analysis procedure. It is important to emphasise that the specification of pests and pathogen can generally be subject to temporal and regional fluctuations. The specification also depends on ecological factors, and new harmful organisms or new strains of pathogenic agents that are able to withstand the resistances may develop.