Plant Brand Concept Volmary®

Volmary® Plants - Europe's "Plant Happy®" Gardening Brand

The international premium brand Volmary® is a guarantee for professional quality; from the choice of varieties to the gardener growing the plants. The base material for Volmary® plants are vigorous growing Volmary young plants. From these, the Volmary® plants are produced in V pots under license by leading horticulturists.

A reliable supply of goods to garden retailers is ensured throughout Europe via an extensive distribution network of wholesale partners.

High quality varieties

The Volmary® plants assortment has particularly powerful varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and shrubs. These provide home gardeners with high success in the garden as e.g .:

• Processed vegetables - with secure and higher crop yields

• Exclusive varieties that can only be propagated vegetatively

• Flowers with exceptional flowering capacity

• varieties with outstanding resistance to diseases and pests The Volmary® year-round concept encompasses a wide variety and rich selection for 12 months a year.




Volmary® plants are plants with a concept.

Volmary® plants are accompanied by effective marketing campaigns. These include among others:

  • Promotional materials
    Volmary® plants are always well presented in the marketplace. With the fresh and modern, multi-colour design concept of the V pots it can be seen at first sight just how much attention to detail and care we pay to our varieties on the market. Take advantage of our extensive promotional material: CC corners, CC toppers, ceiling hangers, posters, tape, flyers, etc….for good moods already at the point of sale. The colourful V-Plants pots stand out from the usual range of plants and have a high recognition factor. Amateur gardeners who have gotten to know the excellent quality of the V plants, have it easy during repurchase.
  • Advertising / ads / public relations
    We are in close contact with amateur gardeners during tastings and events such as the garden consultation days. Volmary also organises meetings for garden bloggers ( u.v.m.
  • Social media & online marketing
    You can experience Webgardening powered by Volmary® at (garden blog) and

Contact Persons

We are happy to provide you with more information about Volmary® plants and send you our catalogue and sources of supply. Please feel free to contact us.

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Area: South Germany, Switzerland, Austria

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Head office

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