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Exclusive & 24/7 - Order Online

As a customer of Volmary you have the exclusive opportunity to use the Volmary online service. Clear and easy to find our products present themselves in the Volmary online service. Here you can choose around the clock (24/7) from our wide range of seeds and seedlings of flowers, shrubs, vegetables and herbs.

2.Informative and currently

Our search and filter feature helps you to find quickly the desired product. Actual young plant availability are as visible as your personal order history. You also benefit from additional services such as catalogs and culture guides.

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For over 90 years, we are an independent partner of horticulture. Our staff in the field and our office staff is happy to answer any of your questions. Are you a Volmary client and would you like to have an access to our Volmary Online service? The please contact us as soon as possible. ;