We garden climate-neutral

"At Volmary we garden climate-neutral, thanks to CO2 offsetting by working with the CO2OL (Forest Carbon Group)."


The topic of "sustainability" plays an important role for us as a traditional family business. We also see ourselves as responsible to future generations for gardening as environmentally sustainable and as conscientious as possible. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts, we also leave a carbon footprint, e.g. the emissions from our heating systems and company vehicles, thanks to the Forest Carbon Group, we can offset our carbon footprint.


'Bujagali Falls hydropower plant in Uganda'

Volmary balances its carbon footprint by investing in a hydro power plant in Uganda. The dam ensures safe drinking water supply for the local population and generates clean electrical energy. Large parts of the population in Uganda can now get affordable electricity from renewable sources and no longer have to use fossil fuels.
The compensation of CO2 emissions is a personal concern for Hubertus Volmary: "We are proud to be able to make our contribution to climate protection and are committed to this for future generations".

In addition, our Volmary mother plant companies and the young plant production companies are equipped with the latest sowing, greenhouse and logistics technology, reliably producing high-quality young plants. In order to do justice to the natural processes in the production of high-quality mother plants and young plants, beneficial organisms and effective microorganisms are used during our entire production cycle. We attach great importance to avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and instead promote the natural vitality of our plants. Volmary also offer a wide range of EU certified organic cuttings and young plants. This enables sustainable plant production for both organic and conventional producers.


What is the CO2 footprint at Volmary GmbH?

The CO2 footprint records the CO2 emissions caused by the Volmary company. It provides valuable information about our climate impact and serves to help us develop an effective climate protection strategy.


What does climate neutral mean?

Despite all our efforts we create unavoidable, or no longer reducible, CO2 emissions. These emissions are now offset by the climate protection project “Climate Neutrality”, meaning we take steps to balance emission reduction and compensation, so that the climate impact of Volmary is neutral. It is our investment within the 'Waterworks in Uganda' project that means we can neutralize our Carbon footprint to zero by CO2 saving and retention.


What are the causes of climate change?

The increased emission of greenhouse gases by anthropogenic processes, such as the generation of energy by burning fossil fuels, upsets the atmospheric balance. The amount of these climate-relevant trace gases are increasing the natural greenhouse effect, terrestrial heat radiation is increasingly thrown back onto the earth and leads to an increase in global temperature (Keilbach 2010: 115).